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Summit Introduction

Sports biomechanics is a fast-growing field to provide the highest level of analytical measurement to enhance sports performance. Besides, Sports injuries such as shoulder, knee and ankle injuries are common in orthopaedics and sports medicine. Sports biomechanics can enhance sports performance, reduce injury and improve rehabilitation.

With the latest technological advancements and recent innovations in sports biomechanics, this 2-day research summit aims to provide a platform for international researchers working on biomechanics in the field of sports medicine and sport science to gather their known best practices, latest technological advances, and new evidence-based research. Most importantly, it provides a good opportunity for both local and international early-career researchers to present their latest achievements, and explore new research directions and collaborations around the world.


This summit includes six thematic areas: Biomechanics in knee surgery, elite sports, ACL injury mechanism & prevention, shoulder biomechanics, rehabilitation & dance medicine, sports performance & Advanced technique.

Summit Chairman

Organizing Committee Members

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